Welcome to Plants, Play and Parenting, thank you for being here! The idea of PPP came to me when my daughter Brooklyn was about 6 months old. I have a passion for her development with education and health  Putting together PPP allows a space where I can share ideas and inspiration. 

The ‘Plants’ aspect of the page relates to the plant based diet that myself and Brooklyn follow. I love coming up with recipes that we can both enjoy and now I can share them with you too! 

The ‘Play’ aspect of the page is all about the creative ways to incorporate play based learning into our daily lives. I am inspired by the Montessori Method but the majority of my inspiration comes from other parents sharing their ideas, just like this!

The ‘Parenting’ part of PPP is a general term I am using to cover all other things parenting. This really has no limitations and I understand sometimes can be a controversial topic. 

I am not trained in nutrition or education, please note this is a space for me to share ideas and inspiration, and nothing I post is expert advice, but instead personal opinion. 

Thank you for clicking onto the page and I can’t wait to connect with you.