Montessori Mobiles – Gobbi

Montessori Mobiles – Gobbi

Whether you are crafty enough to make your own, or you find one on Etsy, the Gobbi mobile is a great addition to a Montessori space. If I had personally discovered Montessori principles a bit earlier, I would have been organised enough to introduce all of the mobiles in sequence to my baby. When Brooklyn was about 9 weeks old, I placed the Gobbi mobile in her cot. Brooklyn did not sleep in her cot at this age, this was a safe space for me to place it in our home, but of course if you’ve got the ability and you’re more prepared than myself, you could certainly go down a more traditional set up on the floor with a mobile hanging from the roof.

Maria Montessori talks about having a carefully prepared environment, one in which the space a child is in has been prepared to aid their natural development. If I could start this journey all over again, I would have a completely different set up in Brooklyn’s room but sometimes we need to work with what we’ve got. I remind myself that I don’t have to have the PERFECT Montessori set up to introduce Montessori to my daughter and she can certainly still benefit from the inspiration that I had when setting up this mobile.

The first essential for the child’s development is concentration. The child who concentrates is immensely happy” – Maria Montessori

If you can get your hands on one of these mobiles, then definitely consider adding it to your babies environment. When babies are as young as 8 weeks old, they aren’t yet grasping for things, so visual stimulation is basically one of the only ways to entertain them. The way I see it is that if you can give them something that is challenging to interpret, then they are going to be stimulated longer and this has countless benefits for later in life! Give the mobile a spin to extend how long your baby stares at it, or place it somewhere with a breeze so that it moves slightly. 

There are plenty of DIY tutorials on Pinterest to make your own Gobbi mobile. My amazing Mum made our one and it took her around 10 hours (she is a bit of a perfectionist and restarted it a few times). We went with the grey colour gradients so that it was gender neutral for any future babies.

The Gobbi mobile (named after it’s creator, Gianna Gobbi) is the third in the series and is to be introduced from about 8 weeks of age. Prior to introducing this mobile, I had used high contrast black and white images in areas around the house which really helped Brooklyn develop concentration. This is similar to the images on the Munari mobile, just used differently.

The Gobbi mobile was a great next step for Brooklyn, providing something else to focus on and somewhat of a visual challenge. I would place Brooklyn in her cot while I did things around the nursery and she was fixated on it, so much so that eventually I could confidently place her in the cot and she would be occupied long enough for me to duck off to have a shower – ideal!

Brooklyn ended up having this in her cot for about 2 months. Eventually she started reaching for it and then I introduced her ever changing baby gym – more on that soon.

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